Polished in Python

For the last few years, I’ve been draping myself in animal print of various textures and hues, masquerading as every striped or spotted animal in the jungle. Although years ago leopard print was considered rather, as my mother-in-law used to say “a bit ‘see oh double em oh en'”, it has been rehabilitated of late. Now rather than reeking of fags, bra straps and wobbly red lippy, it seems cuddly and almost sweet. Not like snake print, its bad-ass older sibling. Snake has an edge that other animal prints have lost. I don’t reckon it’s the kind of thing Anna Wintour would much love, but it’s very much up Carine Roitfeld’s boulevard.

This season snake print has been all over the place and I have barely even noticed it. It adds a little interest to a work outfit, when it’s on a fine shirt, like this from Equipment – so far, so tame.

Equipment shirt £100

Equipment silk shirt, The Outnet, £100. BUY ME HERE

Put in on a skirt or trousers, however, and it’s a real statement. Too much of a statement for a Saturday stroll around Homebase, perhaps, but don’t let me stop you.


P{Yton skirt

Altazurra for Target Python print skirt, £14. The Outnet (but selling out fast) BUY ME HERE

Like all animal prints, this is something best used sparingly, unless the look you’re going for is Jane of the Jungle. It’s a strong flavour, so keep everything else as simple as possible.


Sorry Katy, not the look we’re going for

The easiest way to wear snake print is as footwear. The other day at the theatre, I saw a couple of very stylish women, about my age, chatting over a glass of wine. They were both wearing snake print ankle boots (see main picture*).  What caught my attention was how this small touch lifted their outfits from school run to rock and roll.

Since that theatre epiphany, I’ve been keeping an eye out for snake skin boots. They’re wonderfully flexible: those lighter colours will take you right through Summer without looking like you’re permanently wearing galoshes.

So here are some of the best around right now.

I spotted these before I even noticed the price tag. Then I liked them even more. No one is ever going to think for a moment any real reptiles were involved in the making of these (a bonus in my book), but they have a lovely height heel and for only £30, you can’t go wrong.

Snake boots Next

Python print Chelsea Boots, Next, £30. BUY ME HERE 

For a little more height and a change of colour, Kurt Geiger have several pairs. I like the chunkiness of these. The colour makes them more of a between season boot, but you could get a lot of wear out of these before the Summer and again in Autumn.

Kurt Gieger boots

Sherbert boots from Kurt Geiger, £49. BUY ME HERE

It’s a rare day, nowadays, that you find something really appealing in M&S. These Western style boots are just that. They’d be good with jeans, but especially with off white denim, which is, I’m informed, THE thing we’ll all be wearing once the thermometers allow us to shed a few skins… er… layers.

M&S boots

M&S Faux snake boot, £35. BUY ME HERE

At the other end of the spectrum, LK Bennett do a more deluxe version, roughly the same height but for a rather less pleasing £295. If you love this look and feel you will just wear them to death, then this shape and chunky heel won’t easily date and you will get plenty of use out of them.  I’d have to be related to the snake to shell out this much, but then I’m Northern. And cheap.


Snakeskin boots, LK Bennett. Friom Very Exclusive, £295 BUY ME HERE

*By the way, the fabulous boots on the left in my theatre photo are rather special. They are Isabel Marant Danae boots in python, almost sold out everywhere despite a price tag varying between £500 – £650. Should they be the boots of your dreams; should you be convinced you will wear them every day for 2 years; should you just KNOW you can get that cost per wear down to under £1 a day, despair not. I have news. Call me Miss Marple, but my online detective work reveals that they are in stock in INDIA for a mere £465. Don’t worry about extensive negotiations with shipping agents in Mumbai. The whole transaction is painlessly managed by Farfetch. It’s just your wallet that will hurt.

Isabel marant boots £119

Isabel Marant Danae ankle boot in black python, £465 plus shipping BUY ME HERE

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