• Mutton dressed as mutton? Mutton dressed as lamb? Can’t change the mutton bit, so we may as well dress how the hell we like
  • The world is full of boring things to wear. So wear things that make you feel like doing a little dance in front of the mirror when you put them on
  • There are way more important things in life than clothes, but never underestimate their ability to make you feel fan-bloody-tastic
  • Music & dancing are powerful mood altering drugs – use freely
  • Getting older isn’t for babies. We should celebrate the women who have done it before us for their chutzpah, guts and utter fabulousness that sometimes hardly anyone has noticed
  • Being invisible doesn’t help anyone – for all our lovely daughters, nieces, friends, granddaughters let’s be noisy about getting older, so they don’t grow up thinking it’s all over once you hit 45
  • Believe virtually nothing you read in women’s magazines – they exist to sell you stuff
  • Mostly you regret what you didn’t do, so chase the things that make the stories you want to dine out on
  • Love your home – you spend a lot of money to live there, you may as well enjoy it
  • Getting older is unavoidable. Being miserable about it isn’t
  • Never skimp on a haircut