May Day Pay Day Treats

Not only is this weekend a Bank Holiday, it’s Pay Day too – the perfect excuse to give yourself a little fashion fix. As brands fight for every sale, the end of the month has become quite a thing for prising hard-earned money out of hard-worn wallets. The marketers are onto us, which is why you may well be beset by brands suggesting you treat yourself (and if you’re lucky, offering you a discount).

Well, let it never be said Cab for Mrs Mutton would leave any bandwagon unridden. Here are some suggestions for splashing the cash to pep you up this Pay Day, May Day weekend.

Coton Doux Shirts


Women’s Coton Doux shirt, around £38 (49 euros) BUY ME HERE

Whenever I see my siblings, as I do all too infrequently, I am struck by what a stylish lot they are. I always come back with some new ideas for things to do, see or wear. These shirts are shamelessly ripped off from my brother who always dresses well. When I saw him wearing the macaron pattern (above) I almost stole the shirt off his back. Now, guess what, I have the very same one (baaaa!).

The Coton Doux range comes in three basic adult styles: men’s regular (please, please make these in women’s sizes); men’s fitted or women’s. The women’s version is pretty tight fitting – nice for a curvy gal. Those of us with pecs rather than breasts do better in an androgynous, blokey shirt (see above). Nevertheless I have one in the women’s cut and it looks perfectly fine. I’m considering trying the “Odalisques” in the smallest men’s size.

I didn’t know this brand until my brother told me about it, but I’m impressed. The prints are just the right side of kitsch and there is a huge range to choose from. The quality is excellent. The attention to detail, like contrasting button holes and interesting buttons, are worthy of a much higher price point, yet the price is reasonable (49 euros or 69 euros). The delivery is lightening fast. Such a great discovery. Thanks Shaun!

Op & Ops Shoes


Ops & Ops, Number 10 Bumper shoe in Baby Blue, discounted until Monday £161.50 (further discounts available to subscribers) BUY ME HERE

Ops&Ops basic soft leather flats are NOT cheap, so they will gouge a mighty hole in your pay packet. But these babies are not a flash in the pan buy. They are chic, comfortable, cool and most important of all, discounted this Bank Holiday weekend. Who could resist these baby blue flats? I don’t think I’ve yearned to own a whole range of something since I discovered Wade Whimsies in 1971.

In my view a heel that is a smidgeon higher – say an inch and a half – would be perfect. There is a single “heeled” style (the #11 which comes in a fetching white gold crackle leather and a one inch heel) but it isn’t, in truth, much higher than the flat version.

No matter. If you are in the market for something that will mould do your feet, go with everything and replace your beloved but outdated ballet pumps, these could be your new best friends.


I’ve been obsessed with dungarees for the last few years and bought a disastrous pair in France a few years ago, which made me look like Jed Clampitt. If I’d been a few years older, Ms Lamb could have used them as grounds to put me in a home.

But those darn dungarees are an itch I just can’t scratch. This year, I decided a slim black pair would be less Wurzel Gummidge and more Alexa Chung. Hmmm. It must be said I have tried pretty much all on offer. The Boden ones were good but I thought they were a little short in the leg and they have completely sold out. Who’d have thunk it? The Toast ones aren’t in stock until May but they don’t look that lattering even on the model (and they cost £120 which is a little steep for something you may not be able to bear to look in a year).

However, the fact that even Boden and Toast were doing dungarees gave me the confidence to march forth on my overalled path. So I hied myself to reasonably priced ASOS where I picked up this pair from Scandinavian make, Vila, for a bargain £35. I just checked and it looks like they are out of stock of this particular style – but they do have others.

black dungarees

Vila dungarees, ASOS, on sale £35 BUY ME HERE

If you follow me on Instagram you can see their first, unfortunate outing. I wore them with a stripy top – I thought I looked quite on trend. Others thought I was impersonating Marcel Marceau.


I’m something of a denim hoarder and while I don’t want to encourage others to my life of vice, a new pair of jeans is just the kind of thing I like to splash out on. I recently bought these Gap girlfriend patched jeans.


AUTHENTIC 1969 full panel patchwork girlfriend jeans - light indigo

GAP, 1969, patched girlfriend jeans, £49.95 BUY ME HERE

I was very unsure about these, but they were on sale and the cool bloke in the changing room was very persuasive. I struggled to work out what to wear with them, ending up with a black merino crew neck.  Perhaps I got over attached. Tragedy struck when I accidentally tumble dried it. It now looks like a toupee for a self-conscious badger.

I’m tempted by these Uniqlo denim culottes which are currently a steal at only £19.99. Anyone hoping to be irresistible to the opposite sex might be advised to avoid these – they are just the kind of garment most men find baffling and ugly in equal measure. Who cares? They look great and should see you through to Summer.


UNIQLO Denim Wide Legged Trousers, BUY ME HERE

Pink to Make You Wink

With Spring springing all over the place, undeterred by a sprinkling of hailstones, the optimistic gal’s thoughts drift to lighter colours. Suddenly, I find myself, after many years, back in love with pink.

Through the wonders of social media, I discovered that a friend and I have both ordered identical Nike Air Pegasus in pink. Neither of us are usually bothered about pink. Something is, literally, afoot.

Nike pegasus

Nike Air Pegasus, womens running shoes, £90 BUY ME HERE

On that theme, I like this suit from French Connection – you could dress it up for work, down for fun. It would even work for a Spring wedding. Or you could just buy part of it. Those trousers,  my Coton Doux shirt and those baby blue shoes……


FRENCH CONNECTION Avenue Suiting Blazer, £130, matching trousers, £80 BUY ME HERE

Finally, this Finery top (in real life, a tad darker than it looks here) is another way to get your Spring pink fix.


FINERY Manila Top, £39 BUY ME HERE

Happy Bank Holiday!

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