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I was going to write a fashion blog this time round – after all it’s the change of seasons and all that. But this year, the Autumn fashion story is a bit hard to miss.  So here’s the abridged version of the blog I would have written: by Christmas everyone will be sick to death of animal prints; if you want to feel less bored, pick snake prints versus leopard; cowboy boots are big, oh and every thing else is cinnamon or conker coloured or corduroy. Ok done. Oh and go to Massimo Dutti. It’s on a bit of a roll.

Now that’s out of the way, I thought I’d write about beauty products. Having recently chucked out a lot of products due to redoing my bathroom and losing lots of storage space, I have pared down my skincare to the basics I reach for everyday. I like trying new products so much that I seldom buy a product twice. These I have bought several of, so that’s a vote of confidence right there.

I’m a recent convert to double cleansing, more because of the amount of mascara I use than anything else. It’s either two cleansers or Swarfega to get rid of that baby. Hello Clinique Take The Day Off, goodbye smeary white towels.


I have tried almost every other cleansing balm available – many of them smell nicer, or are more organic and all of them do a pretty good job, but nothing gets rid of that industrial strength, five coat mascara like this. It’s not a bad price point. It’s readily available. And I have plenty more important things to worry about. SO it has made it to that special place on my shelf, where it sits with Sudocrem, Klorane anti-yellow shampoo and one or two others I don’t see the point of changing.

For my second cleanser, I use something a little less claggy and this Neostrata brightening cleanser is the one I use at night after the Clinique balm and in the mornings just to wake up my face. I really rate Neostrata products but I’ve become very disorganised in the ones I use. For a while I was very into their exfoliating products and I still use their lotions from time to time. But this is a product you can slip into any routine and, yes, I think it really does brighten up my complexion.


I bought this on a whim. I think it’s called  Hada Labo Rohto Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist – sot there you go. I believe it’s (my Japanese is a little rusty!) a plumping, moisturising, magical kind of thing.  takes a teeny drop to make your face and neck feel peachy and it seems to help my makeup sit better.

BUY ME HERE £11.51

I recently discovered these NeoGen pads. NeoGen is a Korean beauty company and these mild toning and exfoliating pads are a lovely way to freshen up your skin. There are three types: lemon; wine and green tea. To be honest I haven’t noticed any big differences apart from the scent. But this variant had me at wine. They all seem to do the same thing, and since I like that thing ie making my skin all glowy and perky. I buy them online but they’re also now available in Selfridges.

BUY ME HERE £21.99

Don’t you love a gel moisturiser? I do, and now I have managed to complicate my skincare regime so that’s in now an actual hobby, I need something moisturising, but not too heavy, to go over the Vitamin C/Retinol/Multi-Peptides/Hyaluronic toner/AHA lotions. This Neutrogena Hydro Boost moisturiser was the first one I came across. Again I’ve tried a couple of others. Some, like the Garnier one, annoyingly left my skin dehydrated. It’s a good price too. I will revisit the Clinique Moisture Surge gel which has recently been reformulated too, but only when I’ve used every teeny bit of this.


I stopped wearing chemical anti-perspirants some time ago (except for the almost nuclear Perspirex which I reserve for work trips to the tropics where dank, damp, stained pits undermine the effortless elegance of international travel). Again I have tried the lot. There are two I really rate: this The Healthy Deodorant stick which I buy on line and which both smells nice and is easy to use and the Aurelia Probiotic cream anti-perspirant which is a pig to apply but works beautifully. I’ve tried everything else natural, including strange crystals you rub under your arms, but these are the only two that can get me through a hot day, or worse, a polyester top.



I use a hot brush on my hair pretty much every day, especially since I foolishly had it layered in a low, bored moment. (Curse the day! Never have a radical cut when you’re in a low mood. I swore a million years ago not to have my straight-as-a-tramline hair layered, but one weak moment and, voila!) As, prepare to be astonished, my hair is full of bleach, this combination could be disastrous to the condition. But despite all this, it isn’t – thanks, I like to think, to this little Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil miracle. I use it before I use my hot brush to dampen my hair and it keeps the ends of frizzing up.



Another hair product I love is “This Works, Sleep Elixir for Hair”. I don’t use this every night but I do use it most nights. What’s more I’m on my third bottle and I’ve bought it for several friends. You spray it all over your hair and sink into a deep, scented slumber. And the bonus is you wake up with hair that behaves itself and looks good.


And when my hair is looking this good, I don’t want to mess it up in the shower. Hence, a recent purchase the SHHHHOWER cap. These are expensive and the turban shape on me looks frankly ridiculous (not that the classic mob cap looks exactly elegant) but they really work, leaving my hair bone dry and unruffled and they shirk off water so quickly you can stick them back in a drawer within seconds. They are £35 which is quite a facing, but I hope I won’t be buying another one any time soon. (PS I told you leopard print is everywhere!)



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