Beauty Buys for Summer

Hot weather can play havoc with your looks. Once you get past the stage of silky limbs, tanned golden by constant games of tennis – a stage some of us never achieved – it’s all sweaty armpits, limp hair and makeup rolling down your face.

Every year I find three or four Summer beauty savers. Here’s this year’s haul.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir £32


This is a lovely mist spray that you can use to freshen up on particularly sticky days, to be suddenly very popular on the Tube and to set your make up. It smells divine – of mint and lavender and an expensive spa. I can’t say that anyone has been shocked by my sudden beauty when I’ve used this, but I feel more less red and blousey and that’s not nothing.

Tea Rose Eau de Toilette £15


This perfume, which was big in the 70’s and 80’s, is something of a classic, unbeknownst to me. As I get older I am love rose perfumes more and more. But I’m picky. I don’t want powdery, old lady rose. I want fresh, green roses. This perfume is lush, refreshing, heat-quenching, like walking in a walled garden of old-fashioned roses after a Summer storm. It is also a mere £15. Even if you don’t love it, spray it on your sheets. It’s cheaper than a Jo Malone linen spray.

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil  £19.


I notice how thirsty my skin is in Summer. (Perhaps it’s because of all the rosé the rest of me is quenching its thirst with?). On my arms and legs crepeiness is an ever-present threat. I use Ameliorate, which I know I’ve recommended before and that is great at getting rid of those annoying bumpy, back of arms and legs bits. But this is great at leaving you silky smooth and it smells delicious too.

Christophe Robin Detoxifying Salt Scrub Masque £40


On hot, itchy, hay fevery days I want my hair and scalp to feel super clean. This strange, salty shampoo does that while leaving my head feeling soothed and cool and my hair refreshed and shiny. It is not, I know, cheap. But I have had mine since last Autumn so I can vouch for its longevity.

And then, once when I was away in France I discovered this lovely conditioner from the same brand…..

Christophe Robin Volume Conditioner with Rose Extracts £33


With my new obsession with roses, this is perfect. It works for my bleached strands to keep them bouncy. And of course it smells amazing.

And not to be a complete fan girl for expensive French haircare, but the Christophe Robin sage vinegar finishing spray, is wonderful for controlling frizz and promoting shine. It too, is a rather pricy £31.


Botot Bain de Bouche £6.90

The packaging alone on this old-fashioned French brand of mouthwash is worth six pounds of anyone’s money. It really is beautiful. I favour this flavour with its mild aniseed and citrus notes. Honestly it’s a shame to spit it out.

Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Acid Rush Peel £39.99


Finally, I do like a little light peel to brighten up my skin at this time of the year. A bad experience with a Beauty Pie retinol cream has left my skin quite irritable so I was dubious that something that sounds like a PS3 game would do the trick.

I only have a 20ml size of this, which came out of a rather excellent beauty Advent Calendar of Ms Lamb’s (whose English rose complexion of course needs no peeling), but it is a really nice product and has given my poor over-treated skin a good exfoliation. It isn’t stingy or burning when you use it, unlike some peels, but it does leave your skin brighter. If you are feeling a little dull, or have a tired tan, this might just be what you need to give your summer skin a boost.

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