Hello, I’m Mrs Mutton. I live in Crouch End, North London. I’m married to Mr Mutton and have three children in their twenties, a puppy called Tilly Mint (it’s a Northern thing), a haughty cat (Hodge) and a near obsession with shoes. My day job is in advertising and marketing.

I grew up in Lancashire in the 60s & 70s which has left me with a fatal weakness for any fashion style that looks as if it first appeared in “Jackie” magazine. I realised in a recent TV retrospective that I’ve probably had every single haircut David Bowie ever had.(I wanted to BE David Bowie). Now I have an (increasingly) ash coloured bob. I was once mistaken in a shop for Anna Wintour until it dawned on the person that it was very unlikely Anna Wintour would be in Superdrug.